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Arboretum Green

Ludlow is a traditional Shaker-style kitchen range featuring panelled doors with visible woodgrain and beading detail, offering the timeless aesthetic of timber cabinetry with a premium feel. This classic range takes its name from the traditional market town in Shropshire – known for its listed buildings and cobbled streets.


Magnet’s founder Tom Duxbury believed in a considered approach, and the Duxbury kitchen encompasses this ethos and more.

Nordic Craft

A unique kitchen concept that foregrounds quality craftsmanship and seamless functionality.


One of our core modern kitchen ranges, Nova’s versatility and durability make it an ideal choice for practically any style of modern kitchen.


Taking its name from Edinburgh’s coastal suburb, Portobello pulls together contemporary clean lines and organic woodgrain texture in an elegant kitchen range designed for modern living.


1.000,00 ر.س
This kitchen range was inspired by Tatton Park in Cheshire, one of the UK’s most complete historic estates, which, like our Tatton frontal, highlights true British heritage. The simplicity and absence of superfluous ornamentation on our Shaker door is reminiscent of the almost complete lack of decoration on Tatton Park’s stunning neo-classical south front.