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Gigacer Quarry Quartzite Bianca

In strict respect for the environment typical of Gigacer, the Quarry series inspired by the solidity and strength of natural stone. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, residential and business contexts.

Brooklyn Quartzite

Brooklyn Quartzite is a stone that combines shades of grey and blue together with white in a fluid motion across the surface.

Quartzite Cielo

A brownish grey slab with subtle blue inclusions.

Smeraldo Quartzite

Smeraldo Quartzite is an almost aquamarine colour slab with beautiful, eye catching vibes.

Picasso Quartzite

Orange and pink veins well distributed on the surface of the quartzite, creating an impressive pattern that can beautify any surface.

Oceano Quartzite

Oceano Quartzite is rich with beautiful light blue tones embellished with darker blue and golden veins.

Diopside Quartzite

Diopside is a moss green quartzite, with extended white spots

Emerald Quartzite

Emerald Quartzite is a stunning green slab, often laced with purple veins and thin lines of green accents.

Amber Quartzite

Amber quartzite is a amber -golden stone with rich veins of orange , white and brown across .